September 16, 2011 – One of the most waited days of the Cardinals Class. The children came in wearing their swimming attire under their clothes. They had with them their robes and towels, but why? Because… it was the swimming activity of the Cardinals class! smiley

The Cardinals’ swimming activity was done as a culminating activity for the week’s concept – water vehicles.  The children were all excited to change into their swimming attire.

With the Blue Jays’ company, it became a perfect day for the Cardinals Class! yes

Some children helped the teachers skew the hotdog before they grilled them.

Before the children jumped into the pool, they first grilled hotdogs for their snacks. Each child placed a stick of hotdog on the griller, and then rushed to the swimming pool afterwards.

The children placed the hotdogs with utmost care. 

The splashing of water and the children’s laughter dominated the Outdoor Area. The children swam with much enthusiasm. They were all having a good time. 

The Cardinals class enjoying every second they have in the water.

To add to the children’s happiness, the teachers put plastic balls in the pool. The children started playing with the balls. Some threw the balls from one pool to another while the others watched as the balls float.

Most of the children did not want to stop swimming. They just took 10-15 minutes out of the pool to eat their snacks. Afterwards, they asked the teachers if they could swim again.

The children brought finger food that they shared with their classmates.

It also became a day of sharing and bonding! smiley

It was truly a day of pure happiness for the children. They did not only learn concepts, but were able to bond with their classmates and friends as well. smiley

It has been a fun-filled activity that showed the genuine smiles of the children. smiley


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