According to the Filipino band, Sandwich:

“Wala pa nung myx wala pa nung MTV
Wala pa nung internet
Wala pa nung ipod at mp3
Wala pa nung cable
Wala pa nung cellphone
Wala pa ring cd or dvd
Meron lang betamax

Indeed, some people say that the kids of today are in the iGenerationthe period when people can work and play with just a click or a touch.

Thus, last September 10, 2011, the chosen topic for the PreSchool Department’s Parent Education Seminar is on how “techie” the kids of today are.

For the first part of the seminar, there was an icebreaker game wherein the parents tried to guess the characters ot titles of the different cartoon programs shown.

Teacher Tina then talked about how cable TV, internet, various web or game applications from iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smart Phones have been in rage recently and are being used by people, young and old. Children aged 6 years and below are even familiar with the latest trends on these types of media.

Guest speaker, Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, then shared her insights on how she balances her children’s exposure to media. She welcomed and answered questions from the parents.

A lot of helpful and meaningful learnng were shared through this event! Thank you to Ms. Maricel and to the mommies and daddies who joined us! 

Visit the gallery for more pictures!


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