The children became sailors for a day last September 14, 2011. They made their own sailor hat and sailboat. They also tested their sailboats in water. Let’s see what happened…

The children made their own sailor hat using newspaper. They painted their hats with their favorite colors and had it dry outside the classroom.

How will the children be sailors if they do not have their sailboats? So, the children also made their own sailboats using paper plates.

The children, making their own Backyardigan sailboat.

When all the children had their sailboats, they wore their sailor hats and immediately went out of the room. They were all ready to sail away…

                          Are you ready? Our sailors are!

When they heard the go signal from Teacher Trina, the children released their sailboats and had it sail on the water.

The children played with their sailboats after letting it float for a while. 

A day of being a sailor was not a bad experience at all. The children were able to learn the concepts through exploration and experience. Keep on sailing in the sea of knowledge, Cardinals! smiley


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