The Grade 3 students were talking about adjectives this week. As part of their activity, the class came up with a poem fashioned after Shel Silverstein‘s poem Tell Me.

Tell Me

Shel Silverstein 

Tell Me

Tell me I’m clever, 

Tell me I’m kind, 

Tell me I’m talented, 

Tell me I’m cute,

Tell me I’m sensitive, 

Graceful and wise,

Tell me I’m perfect – 

But tell me the truth. 

The students were asked to substitute the adjectives in the poem with words that would best describe them as a class. Here is the poem:

Tell Us

Tell us we are smart,

Tell us we are good looking,

Tell us we are kind, 

Tell us we are creative, 

Healthy and noisy,

Tell us we are joyful –

But tell us the truth! 

Now, can you imagine a life without adjectives? Surely adjectives help color the world with words. 


About tonymabanes

Tony is a teacher by day but in his soul life, he is a dreamer and student of life. He is both body and soul. Tony inks his thoughts to remember a day in his life. All that he has are stories to share.

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