Last week, the Sparrows and Mockingbirds class talked about the parts of their lower body, specifically the legs and feet. During Work Play, the children traced their names written on shoe prints. Then, Teacher Dani read a story about shoes. The title of the book is “New Shoes, Red Shoes” by Susan Rollings.

Afterwards, Teacher Dani told the class that they were going to paint using their feet and that they were going to do the activity outside.

One by one, the children made foot prints.

With the help of the teachers, they put paint on their feet and walked on the giant white paper.

But the children were not just going to walk wherever they want! Each one of them had to get the first letter of their names which was placed at the centre of the canvas.

While waiting for their turn, they sat on the chairs.

When everyone was done, the children took a glimpse of their work before running to the small slides and sand box.

Presenting the masterpiece of the Sparrows and Mockingbirds class!

You can find more pictures of our activities here.


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