Rough and smooth

Long and short

Big and small

Hard and soft

What do these pairs have in common? 

They’re opposites! But what if we apply these opposites to fruits? Can the Robins tell which ones go together?  

Once the clay and paper were given to them, the Robins all had their heads down. It was not because they were feeling blue, but because they immediately formed their clay fruits on paper. They pressed and pressed  until everything looked right. 

And with googly eyes, they made their fruits come alive! Let’s see if the Robins know who should pair with who. 

Red for apple and yellow for banana.

That’s Himig and Jamaine for hard and soft fruit. 

Andres for small and Ray for big .

United by the green color for watermelon and apple this tandem proudly stands side by side.

Sili is short but it’s red- that’s all you need to paste that smile on Joaquin’s face!

But wait, here’s Sophie showing that eggplants are violet and yes, they’re long.

Teacher Dani and Artem proudly show their work.

Durian is rough while mangosteen is smooth.

The Robins sure had a great time making these fruity opposites. Come visit them again for their next great artwork! 


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