Ever wanted to make your own toy? Here’s a simple recipe that you can do when you want to play toymaker for a day.  Not only will you get to choose the shape and color of your rubber like toy but you get to enjoy its soft texture when it’s all done.

Just prepare the following ingredients and you’re ready to start:

-an envelope or box of gelatin

-2 tablespoons hot water

-2 tablespoons glue

-1/2 tablespoon of paint


1. Simply dissolve the gelatin in hot water.You have to be careful when using hot water! If you want, you can use warm water just like the Robins. Mix, mix and mix until the gelatin is dissolved. 

2. In another container, mix the glue with a paint of your choice. And then combine the glue and the gelatine mixture well. 

3. Put the mixture immediately in the mold before it hardens. If it’s already firming up, push down the mixture so that it’ll fit the mold perfectly.

4. Put some decorations. The Robins placed some melon seeds on top to make it look like a cookie so you can make other variations as you wish. 

5. Place it inside the refrigerator until firm. Take them out of the mold and ta-dah! Your rubber toy is ready! The Robins made Kookie Creepies. They may look edible but they’re just toys!

 Like the Robins I’m sure you’ll be happy to see your creations when the mold is removed. Just be patient when everything gets sticky for all the hard work will pay off in the end. And one last thing! When you store them, place them in airtight containers for future use.
What kinds of rubber toys can you make?
More of our Kookie Creepies here!


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