Glasses are for drinks and plates are for solid foods- that’s what Teacher Iam said. So tell us, Robins! What favorite drinks and food pops out of your head?

Here’s Iola with a smile on her face. Notice that her favorites are both yellow.

Jamaine’s offering a drink. Spot Dora behind her who’s wearing pink, the color of the juice that’s her favorite.

And here’s another girl who also loves pink. With three favorite drinks, maybe she drinks different beverages for every meal she takes.

Look! Andres’ seems to have a sweet tooth!

When a spoon of bacon zooms to Nathan, for sure he’ll take a bite.

Aside from Joaquin’s fondness for all that is red, he shared that he loves cupcake too!

With crayons they drew what food their tastebuds liked the best.

And when we sum up all the drinks and food that the Robins love, we have a glass full of drinks and a plate full of yummy food. Oh what a feast!


Speak your mind today! :)

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