Have you ever wondered how the Earth will look like if people won’t start reusing and recycling things to make a new work of art? Maybe, the Earth will look like a huge ball of garbage? Or worst? But we shouldn’t wait for that time to come because we can now start being a Planeteer and join the Herons class as they make their top 5 interesting masterpieces from what other people consider as “trash”.

1. The Herons Class Daily Job Chart made of tin cans, plastic bottle caps, googly eyes, fuzzy wire, and glue gun.

2. The Herons very own Freedie’s Farm Cow made of tissue roll, folder, cotton, glue, and paint.

3. The Herons Aquarium in a Bottle with blue liquid, glitters, sequins, and papers inside.

4. The Herons Sunny Side-up Placemat made of colored paper, cut-out pictures of food in the magazine, and glue.

5. The Herons Monggo Plant that made Nest more eco-friendly.

Look forward for more “from trash to art” activities from the Herons as they continuously discover that they have the power to become a planeteer and make the Earth a much friendly place to live!

“The power is yours!”


Speak your mind today! :)

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