Some body parts are missing!

Where do you think the teachers hid them?

After reading Tedd Arnold’s “Parts”, the Herons were divided into two groups: boys versus girls. Their task was to look for 8 hidden pieces of the body parts of the blue boy and pink girl. Let’s see who looked for and collected all 8 body parts first.

Teacher L.A. helped the girls in looking for pink body parts and Teacher Apple helped the boys in looking for blue body parts.

After collecting all 8 parts, the two groups were now ready to build the pink girl and blue boy. They also completed the missing letter of the names of the body parts on the boy and girl.

Everything’s done! They can now name the blue boy and pink girl they made before presenting them in class.

Everyone! Meet Pinky, the very cheerful friend of the girls’ team!

But wait there’s more! Meet Kaibie, the bubbly defender of the boys’ team!

Now through Pinky and Kaibie, the Herons class became more familiar of the name, use, and appearance of their own body parts. 


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