Do you know what happened to the boy who planted the carrot seed? Even though his family told him that his carrot seed will not grow, he still watered it every day, pulled out the weeds, and patiently waited for it to grow. And from the story of the Carrot Seed sprang the interest of the Herons to plant their own seed. What seed do you think it was? Let’s see!

What do we need to grow a plant?

Now, we already know how to grow a plant. We’re definitely ready to start planting.

 Herons wrote their names first and labelled their container.

Then, Teacher Apple asked them to put two sponges inside the container which will absorb the water that they will put later.

 Scoop just enough seeds in the container so that the plants would have enough space to grow.

What else is missing? Water! Dip the sponge in the cup with water and squish the sponge on the seed container. Make sure to squish just the right amount of water so that the seeds won’t get drowned.

Then, we shall leave our plant on a place where there is sunlight for it to grow. Everything’s set and all that was left for us to do is to be patient, water it every day, and wait for our monggo seed to grow just like the carrot of the boy who planted the carrot seed.


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