Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Literally speaking, it means we’re breaking the fast as discussed in the article Importance of Breakfast for Children.

If your child eats breakfast or any other meal for that matter but eats the same thing everyday, then he/she is not getting the nutrients that a growing child needs. It’s because children need to eat a wide variety of foods since no single food can provide all the nutrients that are needed by the body.

If your child is a picky eater, here are some recipes which you can whip up in your kitchen to make all that food disappear from the table by going straight to his/her hungry tummy:

Does your child like eggs? Maybe you can try making the Super Tasty Omelette that the Robins made during the Nutrition Day culminating activity.

Is your child into pizzas? Maybe you can try the Breakfast Mini Pizzas for the Robins eagerly made their pretend pizzas in class.

If you’re into baking may be you can make breakfast cookies to break away from the usual eggs and cereals morning meal.

There’s banana waffles and the ABC Melt Recipe if you want your children to eat some fruits.

These are just some recipes that you can make. You can create your own recipes out of the favorite foods that your children love to eat. Make breakfast enjoyable for you and your child by cooking something different  from time to time.

Happy eating!


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