What better way to experience the joy and magic of being a musician is by being musicians themselves! After distinguishing whether or not the sounds were music or noise, the Herons are now ready to showcase their gifts as they become musicians in their own  little way! 

 Herons! Practice first your song presentation and after a minute, we’re really sure that you are already ready to bring the house down with your enchanting and endearing voices! Whose pair will go first?

The greatest balloon team went first! JI sang and did the actions of “Ako ay May Loboaccompanied by Dale’s tiny shaken tambourine.


Second to present was the boy-girl band! Enzo hit his improvised string and beads drum to the beat of Andrei’s “Colors of the Rainbow” song.


Are you ready to hear the creeping spider song prepared by the astonishing boy band who was third to present? Rafa drummed the rhythm as Gael sang the very lovely “Eeensy Weensy Spider” song.


Last but not the least, the shakers team of Iara and Tres that we will look forward to perform their “Skidamarink” piece in the coming days!

Indeed, it was definitely entertaining to become musicians for a day!


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  1. […] They also sang songs and danced to the beat of “Ako ay May Lobo”, “Deep and Wide”, and “Eeensy Weensy Spider”. […]

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