August 10 – The day that Room 106 turned into a Motorcycle Museum. Our very own Cardinals inventors painted their own motorcycle models. Moreover, they have thought of the most unique names for the models. Let’s check out the museum…

Wax crayons with poster paints were the medium used by our painters/inventors. They  were all busy painting their motorcycle models.

Look at how focused they were. smiley

After painting their motorcycles, they thought of the perfect name for their models. After some time, TADA! Our kiddie inventors were ready to show their models. cheeky

From being inventors of their own motorcycle models, the children became guides in the motorcycle museum. One by one, they explained their models and said something unique about their works.

Inventor Christian showcased his motorcycle, Kawasaki 2011.

Inventor Iya with her Honda 2011 scooter.

These are just two of the works of our inventors. Their creativity and imagination surely contributed a lot to the success of the Cardinals class’ motorcycle museum. With their interest and motivation, it is not impossible for these children to be our future inventors. Once again, here are our future inventors.

Congratulations, future inventors! yes


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