Last Aug 5, the Preschool classes were able to finally celebrate the Nutrition Week after being moved several times due to the unpredictable weather…

But was it worth the wait?

Let’s see..

Right after arriving in school, the kids went straight to their classes to start preparing their assigned food.

The Robins made their Super Tasty Omelette! And it sure was tasty! 

The Sparrows and Mockingbirds were super cool in making their Super Cool Cereals!

The Cardinals made their own rendition of the usual fried rice and called it Cardinals’ Yummy Fried Rice!

The Herons Class did a healthier version of burger patties and named it Very Veggy Party Patties!

The Blue Jays prepared interesting drinks called Swirly Smoothies and Chocofee!

After the food preparation, the kids had Meeting Time. It was the first time ALL the classes got together! It was an amazing sight watching all the kids see and interact with each other!

After singing songs and completing the morning message on the board, the Blue Jays Class presented a play about a kid who doesn’t like eating breakfast. The class used gigantic paperdoll clothes as their costumes! How cute!

The Robins class also shared their Breakfast Song. It was indeed a very energetic number!

After Meeting Time came everyone’s favorite part of the program.. Eating Time!!! The food were put ouside on a long table were the class posters were also posted. The kids lined up and waited for their turn to get food..

Some kids ate only a few while others had their second and even third serving!

They say most food are best served hot, but in our breakfast party at Nest, we say food is best served with a sweet smile and a happy heart! 

And yes, everything was definitely worth the wait. 🙂

Click on the links below for the pictures:

Sparrows and Mockingbirds




Blue Jays

All Classes


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