Red alert! Red alert! Mr. Book Mischief crept into the Blue Jays classroom one night and oh, what a mischievous thing he did to our books!

The Blue Jays children are currently learning about the different parts of a book. But we can’t continue discussing about it because the books in the classroom are changed by Mr. Book Mischief!

So, if you’re not busy, can you be a sweetie and help us solve this book mystery?  Can you help us fix the books and find out what’s wrong with each one of them? Here they are:

P.S. Since the Blue Jays cannot wait to solve this mystery anymore, the children braced themselves into facing the obstacles that await them into solving the mystery. One by one, the boys and girls took turns in zipping, buttoning, fixing clothespins, and then finally looking for the right answer to make the weird books recognizable. (In short, the class had an obstacle course activity to correct the titles or cover images of the books 🙂 ) Here are some pictures to serve as evidence!

So now, it’s your turn. Let’s see how well you know your books! Feel free to leave your answers in the Comments Box. ★


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