With their food in tow, the Robins went to school eager to share their favorite food with their classmates. Before the eating began, they showed the food that they brought in front of the class and described its shape and color.





With the sun shining brightly outside, the Robins were off to the playground. The picnic was indeed perfect for the sunny weather. Under the shade of a tree, the Robins sat on the mat ready to feed their grumbling stomachs.

There were biscuits in different shapes and sizes from Ray, donuts with pink icing from Himig, a tub of crackers and nuggets from Jamaine, cheese cupcakes from Joaquin, cheese pandesal from Artem and lastly, there were cookies from Sophie. With yummy food spread around them, the Robins took a bite of everything and sampled on their classmate’s favourite food. The picnic overflowed with smiles as the Robins shared what they have.

Having satisified their stomachs, they also grabbed the chance to enjoy the sunny weather in the company of their classmates and teachers.

The Robins truly enjoyed the class picnic because they love food! Catch them munching again next time.


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