“You will be talking to yourself in class.” is what my co-teacher had warned me when I had told them of my desire to teach the youngest preschool class this year.

I have taught in an older aged class last year where my biggest challenge was to keep my students from speaking and so I have received a fair warning from the past Sparrows and Mockingbirds teacher on how the class goes. And although I didn’t expect my children to speak in full sentences, I did feel strange (when most of my questions were answered with big eyed stare) and ashamed (whenever I ask them again and again to repeat what they said just to understand them).

Language development is very important in the early ages as it is the means of the children to communicate their needs and wants to other people without the need to cry or shout.

As I was having this dilemma on talking to myself in class, I have encountered this blog which I would like to share to you: Speak UP! Why We Should Use Big Words with Little Kids. It’s a nice article that gives us some overview and tips in how to help our children develop their language skills.

Another good article I found over the internet is from the University of California – California Childcare Health Program: Conversations in Child Care.

I do hope that we can take some time to read and follow the tips in the articles above and help our child in speaking up. Happy speaking! wink


Speak your mind today! :)

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