the curriculum of the Sparrows and Mockingbirds class!

Last July 16, the parents and teachers gathered at Room 106 for the Preschool Curriculum Presentation. The teachers greeted everyone and began the presentation by introducing the students of the Sparrows and Mockingbirds class.

The student teachers, Teacher Dani and Teacher Girlie, were also introduced. They sang and danced to the songs in class: “Kamusta?”, “Hello, I’m Glad to See You Again”, “Seven Days”, “Umagang Kay Ganda” and “The Rainbow Song”.

After the ice breaker, the teachers talked about the routines: Work Play, Meeting Time, Story Time, Activity Time, Outdoor Play, Snack Time, Self – Help Time, S.T.A.R. (Stop and Read) Time and Rest Time.

Then they explained the class’s curriculum, which revolves around the theme: “I can do many things with my hands.”

After the presentation, the teachers led the parents to Room 104 for a classroom tour.

 Photos of this event found here.

Click these links to learn more about the Progressive school set-up:


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