Have you ever played a game wherein you will need to twist each and every part of your body just to be able to touch a certain shape, color, or number? If not, then let’s join the Herons Class as they play the SCN (Shapes, Colors, and Numbers) Twister.

Last July 15, 2011, Teacher L.A. introduced her first teacher-made material to the Herons Class. It is the SCN Twister which was made of white cartolina, colored papers, illustration board, plastic cover, and flat screw and washer for the roulette.

Four to five children can play with the SCN twister. One player will be called the Twister Master. He or she is the one in-charge of spinning the arrow and will look where the arrow stopped. The Twister Master will then tell the players to look for a certain shape, color, or number on the twister and put their assigned body part on it.

At first the Herons class found it challenging to follow the rules of the game, however through the help of Teacher Apple, the class understood the game and they became very much excited to look for the next shape, color, or number that was required to be touched.

They even played with the SCN Twister once more last July 20, 2011 and Enzo became their grand twister champion as proclaimed by Rafa. The other children also enjoyed spinning the roulette, waiting for the arrow to stop, and see what color, shape, or number it was pointing at.

Although as Iara said “It (SCN Twister) looks like a bed but it’s not!”, the children can also lay down on it every time they were already tired of playing the game – twist it, twist it again, SCN Twister.

More twistin’ fun here!


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