After reading Dirty Harry, Teacher Apple asked the Herons class if they are already ready to give a dog a bath. Whose dog is it? And the Herons Class shouted “It’s Teacher Aya’s dog!”. Is it a white or black dog just like in the story? We’ll see…


The Herons class went out of their classroom, changed their slippers, and went to the Outdoor Play Area. Teacher Aya, Kuya PJ, and Miko the dog happily welcomed them. Teacher Aya introduced Miko and Kuya PJ to the Herons class. She asked them if they were already excited to bathe Miko. All of them answered, “Yes!”.

Teacher Aya reminded the Herons to touch Miko gently so that it won’t get hurt. Now, the Herons class is all set to clean Miko. The first step was to pour some water to Miko and rub his fur so that the water will sip in.

Then, Teacher Aya showed and let the Herons smell the soap for dogs. Does it smell great? The Herons answered “Yes!” but Teacher Aya reminded them that even though that soap was fragrant, it can only be used for dogs.

The Herons class took turns in pouring water, soaping, scrubbing, and pouring some more water to Miko. Each child enjoyed giving Miko a bath. Even Fonzi from the Cardinals Class helped the Herons class in cleaning Miko.

“Move back! Miko will shake himself to dry!” that was what Teacher Aya told the Herons Class after they poured some water to Miko and removed all soap residues.

After the dog washing, the Herons and the Robins Class enjoyed interacting with the clean and smelling good Miko!

Special thanks to Teacher Aya and Kuya PJ for letting the Herons clean their very friendly dog… MIKO!

More of Miko’s bath time with the Herons right here!


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