Last July 20, 2011, the Herons Class celebrated Raphaela Therese “Dale” Dacanay Cruz’s sixth birthday. Her family brought differently colored Mickey-mouse-shaped balloons, prepared games, prizes, food, and a lot more happiness and surprises!



The children enjoyed dancing and playing Trip to Jerusalem. Their ears were very quick in listening whether or not the music will stop so that they can immediately find a chair to sit on and will not be out from the game.

After several rounds of Trip to Jerusalem, the game became only between Rafa and Andrei. And eventually, the  Friendly Fella of the Herons Class, Andrei, won the game.

Our dearest birthday girl, Dale, was very happy and excited as she watched her classmates play. After the game she gave each one chocolates as their prize.

After the game, the children went to the Eating Area and Dale’s mom gave each one baloon and food. Before eating, Herons Class and Dale’s family sang first  a joyous birthday song for Dale.


Blow your candle Ate Dale and happy eating Herons Class!

Thank you Ate Dale for the delicious food and for giving us new Angry Birds stuff toys!

Once again happy happy birthday DALE and may Jesus continue to bless you and your family with unending happiness and good health!


 More pictures of Dale’s birthday here.


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