“Bukas ay Sabado” written and illustrated by Teacher L.A. Santos taught the Herons the importance of bayanihan in a fiesta. 

To gain more understanding of the meaning of bayanihan, the Herons got ready for a physical activity – a bayanihan obstacle course wherein the boys and girls surpassed each challenge in a station to be able to build the strongest and tallest tower in the end!

Are you ready to join the Herons as they play the bayanihan obstacle course?

Let’s start!

Line up Herons and get ready to jump, stop, eat, and run as we play our obstacle course.

Come on! Wear the fire fighter and builder costume as fast as you can!


 Run! Run! Run! And stop to scoop and eat that colorful and scrumptious jelly ace.




Jump up high and surpass the mighty bicycle wheels! 


Run again and move around the chair! Get one essential plastic cup and hop like a speedy hare until the starting line to build your strongest and tallest bayanihan tower!


 The obstacle course was officially over! Who won the game? Definitely everyone because they altogether helped each other to finish the challenges and build their tower as a symbol of their never-ending bayanihan as a class.

 What’s the prize for the SuperHerons champions?


You can now play outdoors! 


Speak your mind today! :)

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