Last July 1, 2011, the Preschool classes celebrated Calamity Awareness Day. The Sparrows and Mockingbirds, Cardinals, and Bluejays classes celebrated in the morning, while the Robins and Herons class had theirs in the afternoon.

To start the day, the group had a community meeting time, praying and singing songs to start the day. Afterwhich, the group was prompted for the activity that they were about to have.

To activate their prior knowledge, a story Si Carancal Laban Sa Lindol was read to the group. The story was about a wild boar who caused earthquakes in Carancal’s village because of an itch in its back. To relieve itself of the itch, the wild boar would scratch itself against the posts underground that were holding the earth’s ground, resulting to the shaking of the ground, or an earthquake.

Even if a fictional story was presented to the children, it ellicited a whole lot stories and personal experiences from the children. During the story, they cannot help interjecting their own stories and feelings while an earthquake occured.

To explain what an earthquake is and how to prepare for it. A talk was prepared and held by Teacher Aya. Using pictures, she told them the basic things the children should know about earthquakes.

A video on earthquake and land formations was also shown to the children. It was clear that the grouped enjoyed the visual delight when all became silent and listened to the story of how earthquakes happen.

After the talk, the group was undeniably bursting with excitement as they wait for the highlighted visitors of the day: the firefighters and the firetruck! Nest is honored to have the Bureau of Fire Protection, National Capital Region, Special Rescue Unit share their knowledge of fires and fire prevention.

The children had different reactions towards our firefighter friends. Some were scared, some were surprised, but most of the children felt very excited and eager to listen to them! They introduced themselves as firefighter Joel, firefighter Paul, firefighter Dexter, firefighter Manuel, firefighter Leah, and firefighter Des. The children marveled at the uniforms they donned and the equipment they brought.

The firefighters started the talk with a video about the fire and another video about a firetruck.

Firefighter Joel led the talk on fire prevention and fire safety. He talked about the things that children should stay away or avoid touching like sockets, stove, and anything with light and heat. He also discussed what to do in cases of fire, like avoid the smoke by crawling, stop-drop-roll when clothing is caught on fire, and even the emergency numbers in cases of fire!

The firefighters also showed the childre their full protective gear when they go inside burning buildings.

As a plus, the children even experienced to demonstrate the different techniques in front of the group.

As an incentive for listening well, the children were guided to the firetruck! Some bravely climbed up the truck, while others were delighted in sitting on the firetruck’s front seats.

As a token, the children compiled a scrapbook of letters and artworks for the firefighters.

It was surely a fiery and ground breaking learning day for our preschoolers!

More pictures right here.


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