Codename:  The Grin Lantern

Power: can spread good vibes and brighten one’s day through her contagious smile


Codename:  The Friendly Fella

Power: can easily build  good rapport with others


Codename: The Big Brother

Power: can keenly observe his surroundings and remind others when they are misbehaving


Codename:  The  Expressive Empress

Power: can straightforwardly tell her thoughts and feelings to others


Codename: The Sun God

Power: can exert a remarkable amount of energy on activities that interests him


Codename: The Mind Master

Power: can easily give inferences in most situations


Codename: The Book Whiz

Power: can read umpteen books on various topics


Codename:  The Why Guy

Power: can make queries about almost anything and is very obedient to the instructions given to him


Ate Donna

Codename: The Helping Hand

Power: can easily give a hand to those who are in need of assistance

Teacher LA

Codename: The Reliable Roomie

Power: can teach, sing with, dance with, and play with others eagerly

Teacher Apple

Codename: The Ultimate Teammate

Power: can effectively  encourage and help others in doing their best in all the tasks given to them


So there you go! The newest superHerons are all ready to face any challenges that would go their way..

Little or big, they shall turn obstacles into fun, learning adventures! 🙂

More of the SuperHerons right here!


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