5 days after their first step at Nest, this year’s Robins class showed how instantly a class can become like a family: 

The GIRLS: Sophia, Himig, Iola and Jamaine

They became instant best friends: playing together, laughing at each other’s jokes, even sharing there snacks to the extent of putting them on each other’s mouth.  

Sophia, coming from a class where she was the ate, was so happy to have playmates that she can talk to, uttering “Ang saya saya ko naman teacher”.  

Himig plays the role of the ate in the Robins Class, helping her classmates especially during outdoor play. She also packs away the toys fast and in their proper containers.  

Iola, hugs everybody especially when her favorite song, Bow Bow Belinda plays in the background.  

Jamaine shares her book and toys to her classmates even during the first day 

The BOYS: Andres, Nathan, Ray and Joaquin 

You can hear lots of sound effects inside the classroom from day 1. Train sounds, car sounds, animal sounds and even cooking sounds: all coming from the boys who didn’t even show any signs of shyness between each other. 

Andres talks to all of his classmates as if he knows them for a long time. 

Joaquin and Nathan instantly became Zoo-buddies, lining up the toy animals and imitating their sounds.

And Ray knows the name of hi classmates and teachers one day after meeting them. 


– lined up very fast

– packed away properly

– ate quietly

-danced, sang, played, colored, drew

– laughed and laughedand made me the proudest teacher in the whole wide world  

I am definitely looking forward to more and more fun and fruitful days with my new babies.

See more of our first week activities here.


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