This semester, Nest is very happy to have practicum teachers from the UP Department of Family Life and Child Development (UP FLCD). The six new teachers will be handling preschool classes alongside the Nest class teachers.

Let’s get to know each of them!

Sparrows and Mockingbirds Class: Teacher Dani


I am Daniela Francesca M. Bunao, also known as Teacher Dani. I am 19 years old and the eldest child in our family. I am currently on my fourth year in college, studying BS Family Life and Child Development.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. But I never knew that I was really going to be one. Back then, I also wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a cartoonist, a writer, an actress and a spy.

I am a pollo vegetarian; I do not eat red meat. I am fond of cute animals, especially dogs, and I love nature. During my free time, I listen to Korean pop music and watch Korean dramas and movies. Sometimes, I do physical activities such as running and biking. Photography is also one of my hobbies.

I am looking forward to meeting new friends and discovering more about teaching, learning and children. I hope that this semester will be filled with lots of fun and adventure! smiley

Sparrows and Mockingbirds Class: Teacher Girlie

 I love to read and cook. I have four dogs namely; Dadaboy, Chubbilino, Milkshake and Kisses. I like crunchy chocolate chip cookies and sushi. I’m afraid of cats and any kind of rodent (guinea pig, white rat, mice). I have an older brother named Peter.

Cardinals Class: Teacher Gela

When asked to state a course as my first choice in my college application form, I had no qualms in writing B.S. Family Life and Child Development. During my second year of high school in San Francisco, I volunteered at a daycare center named Leo J. Ryan Daycare Center. I have always had a fondness for children, but the experience at the daycare center made me realize I wanted to eventually take a course on child development. I also think that my love for singing and acting is my advantage as a teacher. I still find it difficult to write in Filipino although I am now able to speak the language well. Lastly, I am absolutely terrified of lizards.

Cardinals Class: Teacher Trina

I’m Teacher Trina, graduating student taking up BS Family Life and Child Development. smiley I love baking, playing badminton and dancing. On top of that all, I love children! smiley  This is the reason why teaching has long been my dream job. My favorite subject matter is Music and Movement because I am a kinesthetic person. I have to constantly move in order to learn more. smiley   I want to be a teacher because there are things that I learn from children that really amuse me, which I can apply to my life. I want to be part of the children’s early adventures in life that is why I have chosen this job. Lastly, I want to be a teacher because I feel carefree and youthful when I’m surrounded with children. smiley

Robins Class: Teacher Janina

I am Janina del Valle, a 4th year BS FLCD student from the University of the Philippines Diliman. I spend my free time reading books or watching koreanovelas. I am scared of crawling creatures and high altitude places but someday I hope to get over these fears. Actually I did not expect that I will be taking up B.S. F.L.C.D. but I have learned to embrace my course because of the joy that I feel when I am with children. Children never fail to amaze me for I can learn so much from them at such unexpected times.

Herons Class: Teacher L.A.

I’m Teacher L.A. Santos. I like reading children’s books and watching movies and travel living shows on television. I am also interested in reading or scanning cooking books which I would hopefully cook someday. I got into FLCD because I dreamt of becoming a doctor someday, specifically a pediatrician. However after my first teaching experience at UP Child Development Center, I was encouraged to pursue becoming a pre-school teacher because I realize how it is fulfilling to see the children share precious moments with you, learn from you, and most specially, teach you how to become a better person each day. And thus, I LOVE to be called TEACHER L.A. smiley

The next few months are bound to be extra exciting and fruitful with these new teachers around!


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