Every child in the Blue Jays Class is unique!

The boys may still be boys who are often found building structures with the blocks and girls may still be girls often found cooking and playing with the housekeeping toys, but each one of them has his/her own ideas of play and still manages to visit all the different learning areas in the classroom.  Every child in the Blue Jays Class is unique!


So who are these boys and girls of Room105 (the Blue Jays classroom)? Drum roll please.

First off is Sophia Agbayani who is very easy to talk to, though  her being comfortable with the school environment tends to make her forget some things.

Next is Marco Angeles who readily listens to the teacher when told to do something but he also never fails to ask at least three questions in a day, be it about a classmate, the weather or just about anything that comes to his ever-curious mind.

Then we have Dakila Antero who seems to enjoy playing and discovering things by himself but may need more time in adjusting to his new classroom environment.

Same with Gabby Bayaga who still needs time in adjusting to the new routines but he does quite well in finishing activities, given teacher’s help.

Ash Bernaldo, popular among the graders because of her “cool” hairstyle, is always ready to think and answer when questions are thrown at her.

Simon Cruz appears to be the kuya in class, constantly prepared to help and who always remembers to follow the rules in class.

Sam Ilowa seems to love discovering and experimenting with new things on her own as she appears to get absorbed during play and stopping her from doing something she wants to do will really exhaust all of teacher’s energy and effort.

Bonn Miranda rarely spoke during the first day of classes but come the second and third days, he seemed to have grown accustomed of his classmates that his attention is now always called for by the teacher during Meeting Time.

Ysa Portugal listens well to the teacher and responsibly follows the rules in class thereby helping her adjust to the new school environment without difficulty.

Matthew Quimpo is seemingly a serious worker when it comes to building cities, zoos and whatnot with the blocks but also tends to get playful with his classmates during a time in a day.

And last but not the least is Gelo Yanga who can be as playful as he can be but sure knows when to stop with just a look in the eye from the teacher.

And that was the long list of 7 boys and 4 girls that comprise the Blue Jays Class of the school year 2011-2012!

And I, Teacher Shar Bitaña, the teacher in-charge to handle these kids, am hoping to get to know them more over the coming days, weeks and months. The descriptions above are just accounts of how I got to know them over the first week of school.

Who knows, with the children’s ability to express their personal opinions or feelings openly, these descriptions may not be the same come the day of their moving up to Grade 1! ★

More of our first week pictures here!


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